Earrings are perhaps the most versatile piece of jewelry. They can be changed frequently, are easy to remove or replace, and match with anything you choose, whether it be to suit your clothes or your mood. There are many types of earrings that range in styles such as studs, hoops, or dangles to materials of stones, gold or silvers, diamonds, or pearls (often a favorite for bridal wear). In the past it was customary for women to wear earrings in an ornamental fashion. Today, men can also be seen adorning the accessories (especially in one ear). In the studio, you can find a vast assortment of men's earrings, gold earrings in either white or rose gold, bridal earrings, pearls, diamond studs to dangling earrings, hoops, and pieces embellished with various precious gemstones such as ruby or emerald. Apart from the wide range of designs available in the studio you can ask to customize a set of earrings to personalize them to your own desires.